Mold Removal Brooklyn

Mold Removal Brooklyn


Welcome to SOS Junk Removal, with over a decade of experience in mold remediation, mildew removal, and water damage prevention for Brooklyn NY. We use state-of-the-art equipment and follow industry guidelines to rid your property of mold. Our highly experienced staff is professional and dedicated to providing premium service. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and concerns both during and after the mold inspection and mold remediation processes. Get relief now by working with the pioneers in effective mold removal: schedule an inspection today!

Mold Removal Brooklyn

Wherever there is water and moisture, it is extremely likely that you will experience the need for some type of Brooklyn Mold Removal. Living in an environment with elevated levels of mold can cause some serious problems, it is not something that should be taken lightly. However, there is a big difference between normal amounts of mold growth and a mold problem. So how do you tell the difference between something that is normal and a situation where a restoration company like SOS Junk Removal in Brooklyn should be brought in?

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Our professional mold removal services will expertly identify and remove existing mold and then prevent further growth of mold. We can identify mold growth, test the indoor air for mold spores and determine the cause of the mold generation, and then our trained technicians can thoroughly clean mold growth from all surfaces – and most importantly, treat the area and the cause of the mold so there will be no return.Mold is always caused by excessive moisture in the indoor or subfloor environment. This excessive moisture is always caused by either moisture intrusion (burst pipe, flood, overflow etc) and/or a lack of ventilation which does not allow the natural moisture in the air to escape from the building structure. As the air heats and cools during the course of the day and night, the moisture which is held suspended in the indoor air, can drop from the air and form on the colder surfaces of the property – windows, doors, curtains, ceilings etc. This moisture manifests itself as either condensation or visible mold. Accordingly, both the cause of the excessive moisture (water intrusion or a lack of ventilation)and the end result of the excessive moisture (mold, condensation formation) need to be treated at the same time, if the end goal is to permanently rid the building of mold and condensation.

Professional mold removal services are often required to ensure the health and safety of both residential and commercial properties. Excessive moisture poses a threat to human health and the structural integrity of the building.

The mold remediation or treatment process consists of four parts, all of equal importance. These are as follows:

1. INSPECT – The initial mould inspection will reveal the visible mold growth, the level of mould spores (invisible mould) and the reasons for the mould generation (moisture intrusion and/or lack of ventilation). From the initial inspection we can determine the correct action to rid the property of both the causes of the mold generation and the mold generation itself.

2. CLEAN – The mold cleaning process involves hand cleaning of the affected areas, air scrubbing of the indoor air to remove mold spores and chemical cleaning via a process known as ‘fogging’ as a secondary but important cleansing of areas that may not be accessable by hand.

3. DRY – After the initial cleaning process, the property is dried using artificial heat (to assist with evaporation), dehumidification, artificial ventilation and air movement, all computer controlled via our Drymatic (pictured right).

4. VENTILATE – Once the drying process is complete, ventilation should be added (if required) to ensure no repeat of the mold generation. This is achieved by adding new or repairing existing passive vents, educating the residents on natural ventilation procedures and/or adding a forced mechanical ventilation system to the property.
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